Audrey Wiggin Associates is committed to helping clients find creative solutions to unlock their personal and professional potential. We seek to build an open and trusting relationship, and help clients to improve their performance by offering observation, feedback, insights and coaching to bring about change. 

Our coaching style offers a balanced combination of challenge and support. The aim is to raise a client's self-awareness and an understanding of their impact on those around them and their organisation. This can often be achieved by asking incisive questions in a safe environment, where the client has time and space to think at a deeper level. 

Typically, we would work with an individual client over a course of six sessions, lasting ninety minutes each. We recommend meeting face to face every three to six weeks, depending on the client’s situation and circumstances. Between these sessions we are available by telephone or email for support. 

The programme usually starts with a clearly structured contract which sets out goals and timeframes. 

The sessions are entirely confidential, and any end of programme feedback required by a sponsoring organisation (for a line manager or for human resources) would be given in a pre-agreed format which addresses the development and achievement of the individual’s goals, and is typically given with the client present. 

Associates: For further details on the associate coaches, including corporate communication, presentation and pitch training, and sales skills, please contact


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