What is a Mastermind Group?

In simple terms, it is a meeting of minds. The expression comes from the book "Think and Grow Rich", written by Napoleon Hill in the 1930s, and is today used to describe groups of people who meet to brainstorm, share ideas or who provide mutual accountability support or education. The goal is to bring together people with differing interests and strengths, but who all share a common goal. 

For some people, this provides a more affordable way to receive some of the benefits of coaching, whilst also giving them  access to a network. The groups typically meet every 4-6 weeks, and participants are required to commit to attending all the meetings. Each participant is given their ‘Hot Seat’ slot where they bring their issue or problem to the table for discussion within the group, in a ‘co-coaching’ format. 

The next Female Founder Small Business Owner Groups will be starting in January 2020.  

For more details on plans to launch future face to face and virtual groups, please email info@audreywiggin.com


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