Stress Resilience

More and more clients want to make sure they are operating at peak performance, both physically and mentally, and are seeking new insights into dealing with and recovering from stress. Drawing upon her degree in Physiology, Audrey has developed a unique expertise that brings together an understanding of the medical dimension to stress with the cognitive methods used in the coaching world. 

But people like real data......not just chat. So, we use a cutting-edge diagnostic medical tool which had its technology developed in one of the leading sports labs in the world. It is a non-invasive device that uses complex heart rate variability analysis and mathematical algorithms to produce a digital model of your physiology. It gives precise information on your stress reactions, your recovery (including recovery, or not, during sleep), and gives insights into the effectiveness of physical training. What makes it unique is its ability to capture the body's reaction, minute by minute, in your daily life and explains what and why it is happening. It provides detailed data on the body's physiological response to stress and recovery over a three-day period. 

This has a wide variety of potential audiences and applications. Corporates are using it as part of their leadership development programmes for senior management. It is also being used for graduate recruits to give meaningful data and advice on how to manage their wellbeing as they embark on their new careers.


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