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Our coaching approach is taken from real life experience in the corporate world.

Tailored Approach

One-to-One Coaching is the highest protein and most tailored approach to personal development.  The programme is geared entirely around you and your development needs, and the agenda and pace are set by you.  

Audrey and her team of coaches have all come from the commercial world, with real life coal face experience before qualifying as coaches.  

Audrey herself has a background in neuroscience, real life experience of sixteen years at a very senior level in the corporate world, and a professional training in coaching.  

She has brought this altogether, combining her knowledge and experience to offer our clients this intricate mixture of science, coaching and corporate life. 

We find this brings a magical combination of empathy and understanding of the client's situation together with all the tools and techniques of trained coaches. 

All of the Audrey Wiggin Associate coaches have similar stories, combining corporate experience with coaching qualifications and experience. 

We are committed to helping clients find creative solutions to unlock their personal and professional potential. 

We seek to build open and trusting relationships, and help clients improve their performance by offering observations, feedback, insights and coaching to effect change. We also deliver interview based 360 reports where deemed additive to the coaching programme. 

In summary, our philosophy is a blended approach of science, data, practical action points, and above all – space for deep level thinking.

What does a typical coaching programme look like?

One-to-One Sessions
One-to-One Sessions

Understanding Problems
Understanding Problems

Goals & Timeframes
Goals & Timeframes

Coaching & Profiling
Coaching & Profiling

360 Report Submission
360 Report Submission

Measure Progress
Measure Progress

Typically, we would work with an individual client over a course of six sessions, lasting two hours each. We recommend meeting face to face or virtually every three to six weeks, depending on the client’s situation and circumstances. Between these sessions we are available by telephone or email for additional support. 

The programme starts with a clearly structured contract which sets out goals and timeframes.  We would recommend a three way meeting with the coachee, the coach and their manager to agree on the coaching goals and metrics. 

During the programme, the client is encouraged to bring situations and problems to the session to address, but the coach will always have an array of topics and ideas to work on if the client has nothing specific to bring that day.  

An array of coaching tools, exercises and interventions will be used during the sessions. There is also always optional homework and reading for those that wish to do more between sessions. 

We also use various behavioural profiling tools such as Hogan and C-Me, and the interview based 360 where we telephone interview eight colleagues to build a picture of how you are perceived at work.  

This can be one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to really face some difficult truths but done in the safety and confidentiality of a trusted coaching relationship, it can be a tremendous growth opportunity.  For many clients, it is life changing.  

At the end of the programme, we would usually reconvene with the manager and coachee to discuss progress made and achievements, and any outstanding development needs.  

The sessions are entirely confidential, and any end of programme feedback required by a sponsoring organisation (for a line manager or for human resources) would be given in a pre-agreed format which and is typically given with the client present. 

Stress Resilience

More and more clients want to make sure they are operating at peak performance, both physically and mentally, and are seeking new insights into dealing with and recovering from stress. Drawing upon her degree in Physiology, Audrey has developed a unique expertise that brings together an understanding of the medical dimension to stress with the cognitive methods used in the coaching world. 

But people like real data on their own bodies....

So, we use a cutting-edge diagnostic medical tool which had its technology developed in one of the leading sports labs in the world. It is a non-invasive device that uses complex heart rate variability analysis and mathematical algorithms to produce a digital model of your physiology. It gives precise information on your stress reactions, your recovery (including recovery, or not, during sleep), and gives insights into the effectiveness of physical training. What makes it unique is its ability to capture the body's reaction, minute by minute, in your daily life and explains what and why it is happening. It provides detailed data on the body's physiological response to stress and recovery over a three-day period. 


 We have a team of associate coaches who are assigned to coaching programmes according to suitability and commercial background. 
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