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"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." Helen Keller

Leadership Training

Audrey and her team work closely with corporate clients to deliver high quality and engaging leadership training.  She works closely with the client on creating content tailored specifically to the client needs. 

Types of Leadership Training;

  • Full and half day events (virtual and in-person) for groups ranging in size from 6 to 100+. 
  • A programme of half day sessions over the course of 6-12 months.  This is often a cohort of senior leaders, future leaders, or those in line for promotion.
  • One off workshops focused on topics such as communication skills, coaching skills, difficult conversations, feedback, gravitas and confidence. 
  • Leadership training for new promotes
  • Partner training for senior leaders on topics such as emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, building culture, alignment of strategy, stress and burnout.  
  • One off webinars and sessions on topics of the day - Surviving Lockdown, Homeschool Hell, International Women's Day, Work Life Balance, Hybrid working
  • Women's Leadership programmes - specifically tailored for women, covering a range of development topics.  Usually spread over a series of half day sessions, with optional 121 coaching in between.  

Depending on the nature of the event, Audrey will bring a team of coaches with her to coach and facilitate small group discussions.

Women's Leadership Programme

Many firms are seeking to grow their Diversity and Inclusion agendas and we are seeing increasing demand for our Women's Leadership Programme. This is a programme designed to support and train women in areas specific to them.  

All of what we teach absolutely applies to our general leadership programmes, but we just tilt the content towards areas that women typically ask for support in.  
These include confidence, gravitas, difficult conversations, networking, navigating office politics, getting promoted, personal brand, being heard in meetings, and work life balance.  

Programmes vary in length but usually between four and six half day sessions.  This can be offered in person or virtually. Many programmes also choose to include behavioural profiling with C-Me where people are working in teams and the stress resilience tool.   

Pre session reading is provided and homework for those keen to do more between sessions. Sessions last three hours, and meet every four to six weeks. There are six sessions in a programme.  

We take great care in the mix and diversity of the group, and one of the added benefits are the long lasting relationships that result from the group coaching.

Group Coaching - a more cost effective alternative to one-to-one coaching

Group coaching is on an upward trend at the moment with employers wanting to offer employees all the benefits of one to one coaching but with a much more attractive price point.  

We typically offer group coaching in groups of 6-8 individuals.  

We offer general group and women only groups.  Each person gets their one to one slot within the session where they bring their issue to the table and are coached by the group, guided by the professional coach.  

Although your hot seat time is less, there tends to be considerable overlap in the types of issue that people bring so the benefit is multiplied.  

We also spend some part of the session on personal development.  Areas that groups typically ask to work on include confidence, gravitas, productivity, networking, managing conflict and stress.  

We are guided by the needs of the group as to the topics selected for each session.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is for Boards and Senior Leadership Teams helping the the team to function at its best, work together, utilise its strengths and enhance team performance.  The process includes  data gathering, interviews, and team workshop sessions, with additional one-to-one coaching where required.  Audrey is a qualified ICF Team Coach with the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC)

Stress Resilience

Corporate clients are under increasing pressure to promote the well being of their employees, and to reduce stress and illness absenteeism.  

Employees are equally under pressure to deliver more for less, and in a virtual world, many doing this in isolation and with difficult home circumstances.  

Never has a time been more improtant to ensure employees are fit and well, and operating at their best.  

More and more clients want to make sure they are operating at peak performance, both physically and mentally, and are seeking new insights into dealing with and recovering from stress.

We regularly screen large groups using a cutting-edge diagnostic medical tool which had its technology developed in one of the leading sports labs in the world. It is a non-invasive device that uses complex heart rate variability analysis and mathematical algorithms to produce a digital model of your physiology. 

It gives precise information on your stress reactions, your recovery (including recovery, or not, during sleep), and gives insights into the effectiveness of physical training. 

What makes it unique is its ability to capture the body's reaction, minute by minute, in your daily life and explains what and why it is happening. 

It provides detailed data on the body's physiological response to stress and recovery over a three-day period. 

It is there to act as an early warning system rather than a finger wagging doctor.  It can raise red flags for potential health implications and stress levels that are unsustainable before burnout becomes a reality. 

Corporates want to take care of their employees - this acts as an early warning system